Prepare International PROPER

Prepare International NFP was started by Dr. Paul Alexander to provide “training, resources and networking to Christian leaders around the world in the most appropriate ways”. This ministry began with South Africa being its focus and continues with Mission team attending multiply times each year. It also support a work throughout India an other parts of the world. The training focus for leadership is not limited to adults, but looks to the future through ministries to children just starting in Kindergarten through Universities and Seminar.

Our staff and volunteers constantly present God’s Word in all our programs for it is through these precpects, empowered by the Holy Spirit that Godly Leadership is attained and the Good News of Jesus Christ goes forth and changes lives for now…and Eternity. When you give to any of the ministries highlighted above, 100% of your donation goes to that specific ministry as all administration activities are paid for by specify donations for that purpose.