About Prepare 180

Prepare 180

Our ultimate vision is to see a world transformed by the love of Christ, where people from all walks of life are united in faith, hope, and love. We are committed to working towards this vision, one person at a time, and we invite you to join us in this important mission.

What we are passionate about

Our Focus

Troubled Teens

 Prepare 180 is led by Pastor Jake Morgan who has been working with and expanding on a vision to reach and mentor troubled teens since 2011. Pastor Jake has mentored and discipled teens as a youth pastor for eight years followed by stepping into a role as a Pastor of Missions and Education. During these years of ministry he developed adreame to mentor troubled teens on a larger scale.

Prepare 180’s troubled teens ministry currently focuses on building relationships with teens aged 13-18 struggling with behavioral issues, anger, aggression, disrespect, court involvement, and parents who feel they have lost the ability to raise and discipline their children effectively.

The ministry serves troubled teens and their parents through weekend retreats, mentoring, Christian counseling, outdoor adventure, and love. Prepare 180 aims to offer soon a one-year biblically based, grace-centered program that will help troubled teens set their hope in Christ, develop a Christian worldview, and engage in God’s mission.

Prepare 180’s future goal is to purchase a property and build a housing facility where troubled teens can live for a year-long program. This program will engulf teens in Scripture, teach them usable skills, provide Christian counseling through group and one-on-one sessions, encourage self-discipline and self-motivation, and offer an online school program.

The ultimate goal of Prepare 180’s Troubled Teens Ministry is to bring teenagers to Christ, help them grow spiritually, and redirect their lives to engage in God’s mission.


Homeless Outreach

With a vision to help those struggling with various challenges, including homelessness. Our ministry has been dedicated to reaching out to those in need and providing practical support, emotional support, and spiritual guidance. 

We understand that homelessness is more than just a lack of shelter. It is a situation that affects all aspects of a person’s life. That’s why we work hard to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people experiencing homelessness. 

Our outreach efforts include providing shelter, hygiene products, and food to those who are experiencing homelessness. In addition, we conduct Bible studies and discipleship programs to help them grow in their faith and connect with other believers. We also assist those who need rehabilitation and support to find employment and affordable living. 

Our future plans include expanding our efforts. For example, we are working to create partnerships with local businesses and organizations that can offer job training and employment opportunities. We also plan to establish housing facilities where the homeless can receive long-term support, engage in Bible studies and discipleship programs, and work towards rebuilding their lives.

Prison Outreach

At Prepare 180, we understand the importance of bringing the love and hope of Christ to those who are incarcerated. Our Prison Outreach program has a rich history of ministering to inmates and their families, providing them with the spiritual support and guidance they need during this difficult time.

Our outreach efforts in prisons and jails involve preaching, leading Bible studies, and providing one-on-one discipleship and counseling to inmates. We believe in the Gospel’s transformative power, and we work tirelessly to bring this message of hope to those who are often forgotten and neglected.

We also understand the importance of connecting eligible inmates with rehabilitation and outside Christian support groups. Our goal is to help them successfully transition back into society and avoid returning to a life of crime. Therefore, we work closely with these individuals, providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to help them make a successful transition.

We also minister to the families of the incarcerated, recognizing the tremendous emotional and spiritual toll that incarceration can take on loved ones. We provide counseling and support to help these families cope with the difficulties they face.

Our Team


Pastor Jake and Susan Morgan

Prepare 180 is led by Pastor Jake Morgan and his wife, Susan. Pastor Jake’s background and experiences played a significant role in Prepare 180’s creation. Having mentored troubled youth, preached in prisons and jails, and built relationships with the homeless for many years, he has a contagious passion for ministry.

Pastor Jake’s journey began when he experienced a radical transformation through Jesus Christ. From there, he felt a call to ministry and was directed toward youth ministry. He has spent the last twelve years working with teenagers, helping them understand the Gospel and encouraging them to make positive life choices. In addition, his experience as a troubled teen and a homeless individual and time spent in jail has helped him connect with those currently walking down those same paths.

Alongside his ministry to troubled teens, Pastor Jake volunteers in homeless and prison ministry. He understands the importance of building relationships with those often forgotten and left behind by society. He aims to help these individuals find hope in Jesus and lead them toward a brighter future.

Pastor Jake has also been involved in planting churches and building youth programs. He is passionate about equipping people with biblical truths, helping them grow in their faith, and leading them to recognize their place as part of The Church.


Pastor Ron and Jackie Pegram

Alongside Pastor Jake is Pastor Ron Pegram and his wife, Jackie. They have been ministers in NASCAR as Chaplains for over a decade, with a focus on training in South Africa, Peru, Kenya, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, and the USA.